Visit from Nigerien Minister to Turkish Maarif Foundation


The Minister of Secondary Education, Mohamed Sanoussi Elhadji Samro and the Ambassador of Niger in Ankara, Salou Adama Gazibo, accompanied by their delegation visited the Turkish Maarif Foundation.

Accepting the invitation of the Turkish Maarif Foundation, the Nigerian Minister of Secondary Education, Mohamed Sanoussi Elhadji Samro, accompanied by his delegation visited the authorities of Ankara, Konya and Istanbul. During their visit to the Turkish Maarif Foundation in Ankara, the Nigerien Minister and Ambassador were received by the President of the Foundation, Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün, who gave them information on the activities and objectives of the Foundation, as well as on international works and procedures. Reminding that Niger was the first country to host the Turkish Maarif Foundation, Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün added:

“6 Our schools, which were taken over from FETÖ on 2 January 2017, operate under the name of ’Niger-Turkish Friendship Schools’ in Niamey. In addition, our school campus, which was built by TIKA and transferred to our Foundation, also joined the Maarif schools. In Niger, there are a total of 200 students studying in 10 schools offering education at all levels from pre-school to high school. In addition to the school buildings, we also serve 193 students in two dormitories, both girls and boys. In addition to our teaching activities, we also organize various cultural and social activities in order to provide a meaningful contribution to the education life of Niger.”

Akgün also explained the future projects of the Turkish Maarif Foundation for Niger. The Minister of Secondary Education, Mohamed Sanoussi Elhadji Samro, said he was warmly welcomed wherever he went during his stay in Turkey, "Today, we were able to see once again that we are brothers with Turkey and we felt like in home. Our goal is also to build better relations with Turkey. We can feel a new breath in the educational system in Niger thanks to the Turkish Maarif Foundation. In public schools in Niger, we are seriously lacking infrastructure, especially science laboratories, and the means to provide school books. In this context, we want to take the Foundation as an example. With the support of Turkey, we want to fill these gaps and develop our education system."

Explaining that they intend to increase the quality of education via Turkish Maarif Foundation, Samro continued as follows: "Turkey has carried out works in Niger not only in the field of education but provided also big contribution in infrastructure and health issues. However, cooperation we have established in the field of education with Turkish Maarif Foundation has a special meaning above all the others. Niger and Africa in general have rich natural resources. We have a very young population in terms of human resources. In order to benefit from these natural resources, we need to educate this young population well. So, the quality of education is very important to us and we attach great importance to the collaboration with Turkish Maarif Foundation."  

At the end of their visit in Istanbul, the Minister Samro contributed to the seminar "Priorities in the education in Niger and the Relations between Turkey and Niger", organized in the framework of the monthly Maarif Talks in the Headquarter of the Foundation on November 23, 2018 moderated by the President of the Foundation Prof. Dr. Birol Akgun. 



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