Turkish Workshop in Afghanistan


Turkish stands at a significant place in foreign languages spoken in Afghanistan, one of the South Asian countries. With the friendship riveting day by day between Afghanistan and Turkey, learning Turkish as a foreign language spreads more.

Afghan-Turkish Maarif Schools continue educational and training activities with 6,200 students in 27 educational institutions in Afghanistan. The schools attaching importance to education in Turkish along with mainstream education, ensure the spread of learning Turkish through various occasions and club activities.

In this context, an inservice training workshop was organized for about 50 teachers and assistants working at Afghan-Turkish Maarif Schools. Current practices, problems and solution recommendations about teaching and learning Turkish abroad were dwelled on at the workshop.  Salih Sağır, TMF Country Director, and Professor İbrahim Gültekin, TMF Chairman of the Turkish and Foreign Languages Department attended the program.

Professor Gültekin noting that Turkish, as a popular language in the world, is progressing rapidly added that the progress will be made together in the fields of technical, social, language and art. 


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