Turkish Spreads All Over the World with Maarif Schools



Turkish Maarif Foundation endeavors to teach Turkish as a foreign language in today’s world where multilingualism and multiculturalism are considered richness. As part of its services to teach Turkish in a systematic and effective manner, the Foundation aims to have each of its students graduating from high school to practice Turkish at B2 level, already offering Turkish language education to its more than 50 thousands students from preschool to secondary school.

Turkish Maarif Foundation organizes Turkish teaching activities on the basis of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Program (CEFR), the 21st Century Skills (P21), Turkish Qualifications Framework (TQF) and Maarif Learner Profile. The Foundation carries out Turkish teaching services in a process-oriented, functional, task-based, discovery-based, play and drama-based, intercultural interaction-based manner; and conducts these activities predicating upon problem solving and critical thinking, cooperation and communication, creativity and renewal skills, and interrelating them with real life.

Maarif Foundation offering Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language Program aims to have its students practice Turkish at B2 level, at least, through the textbook sets prepared for this program. With auxiliary reading books, the Foundation helps students develop familiarity with Turkish language and be more interested in Turkish culture. Educational contents that will support the effective practice of Turkish with the play and drama technique ensure learning Turkish - especially at an earlier age. The Foundation gives a great deal of importance to the development of students as people who know/experience different cultures as well as their own cultures and have developed intercultural empathy skills. Through the Turkish Culture and Civilization/Turkey and Turkish Culture course, Maarif Foundation introduces the building blocks of our culture and civilization to international students with an objective understanding on the basis of cultural and intercultural sensitivity.

With In-Service Training Activities and Teacher Training Programs, the Foundation contributes to the development of its teachers working in different countries. Moreover, it enables children to learn by establishing relationships with real life by bringing the teaching process out of the school environment, therefore, involving the social environment and family participation in the process. In addition, Maarif Foundation continues to take initiatives for the teaching of Turkish as an elective course at the universities in the countries of its operations towards the 2023 Strategies and lecturing Turkish at the universities, through signing protocols, in different parts of the world.

Turkish Maarif Foundation considers investment into Turkish as an investment being made towards the future of Turkey.


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