Turkish Maarif Foundation Trains Journalists of the Future


The "Journalism for Young People" project conducted in cooperation with TRT in Maarif Schools, carrying out successfully educational activities around the World, aims to satisfy the curiosity of students interested in journalism at high school level and encourage them to relate their country's stories.

While contributing to raising social awareness through "human stories", which is the most important output of the project, the “Journalism for Young People” team plays a role in the upbringing of future journalists as a representative of human-oriented journalism. This big team is composed of TRT’s volunteer and experienced journalists.

At the same time, in the trainings carried out as part of the TRT World Citizen platform established to contribute to social transformation in order to solve global humanitarian problems, based on the philosophy of "Everyone has a story and everyone should be able to tell their story", these Maarif students are not only the object but also the subject of the news; it is aimed to be the voice not only of themselves, but also of those who cannot be heard.

In this context, the selected students are gathered in virtual classrooms of 30 and for two days. They are scheduled to undergo four-stage training: Journalism, Storytelling, Field Production and Mobile Journalism from A to Z. The training takes place in the form of theory on the first day and practice on the second day.


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