Turkish Maarif Foundation teaches Turksih all over the World


As Turkish Maarif Foundation, the “Turkish Language Day”, 26 th September, is the occasion for us to express the pride we feel in teaching Turkish all over the World.  From preschool to high school, courses are taught in a systematic way to ensure that students graduate with an operational proficiency level (B2).

Turkish Maarif Foundation, which has set itself the objective of the academic development of students within the framework of an inclusive and multidimensional educational approach – acquisition of knowledge, skills, behaviors and values – also attaches significant importance to the teaching of Turkish to build and strenghten bridges of friendship accross the World.

The curriculum for teaching Turkish as a foreign language : a first of its kind

Pupils from Maarif Schools around the World continue to systematically learn Turkish on the basis of the program “Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language”.


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