Turkish Maarif Foundation Tanzania School has completed its school year


The Hacı Ayşe Var College of 15th of July Martyrs Complex in Zanzibar Island of the United Republic of Tanzania completed its 2018 school year.

According to a statement from the Turkish Maarif Foundation, Turkey's Darussalam Ambassador Ali Davutoglu, Zanzibar National Education Deputy Minister Mmang to Mjengo Mjawir, the District Governor of the Village Magreb where the school is actually located, Mashavu Sukua, Tanzania Ministry of Education officials and parents attended the program.

In his speech, the Ambassador Ali Davutoglu explained that Turkey will continue to support Tanzanian population in all areas, including education. 

Emphasizing the Works of Turkish Maarif Foundation, Ambassador Davutoglu said: "I congratulate all the students and educators. Everyone's eyes are laughing, everyone is happy. Turkish Maarif Foundation is making a major contribution to the Tanzanian education system. I would like to congratulate all teachers and administrators dedicated to the education of this country."

Zanzibar Deputy Minister of National Education Mmang Mjengo Mjawir, expressed in his speech his gratitude toward the Turkish Maarif Foundation and the Republic of Turkey for the contributions they made. 

The School Director of Hacı Ayşe Var College of 15th of July Martyrs Complex, Hamza Yılmaz, also thanked parents and students and evaluated the achieved school year: “As Hacı Ayşe Var College, we have a lot of works to do here, we will continue to work hard to contribute to the educational system of Zanzibar.”

Gifts were also given to the students in the program in which the report cards and achievement certificates were distributed.



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