Turkish Maarif Foundation Signed Headquarters Agreement with Senegal


Turkish Maarif Foundation Chairman Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün and Senegal’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese People Abroad Sidiki  Kaba came together at the beginning of this week and signed Headquarters Agreement in order to strengthen the relations between Turkey and Senegal.

The Agreement was signed after Turkish Maarif Foundation, which obtained the status of foundation beneficial to public with Presidential Decree on August, 7, 2017, gained the trust of the Senegalese government in a short time, and it is considered as a sign of the enrichment of the relations between two countries in different dimensions.

Turkish Maarif Foundation Chairman Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün, who mentioned this case in his speech, stated that the relations between Turkey and Senegal has a historical background and he drew attention to Turkey’s investments in fields of transportation and security in Senegal and the tight cooperation in the international organizations. He also said that this situation strengthened the mutual attachment and trust relations between two countries, and these relations increasingly continued in educational areas.


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