Turkish Maarif Foundation gets 10,000 square meters of school space in North Macedonia


Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF) and North Macedonia FON University have signed an agreement for the purchase of 10,000 square meters of the university campus by the Foundation.

The signing ceremony, which took place on the campus of FON University, was attended by the delegation headed by TMF Board of Trustees Member Selim Cerrah, Turkey’s Ambassador to Skopje Hasan Mehmet Sekizkök, TMF North Macedonia Representative Mustafa Dillioğlu, FON University owner Fiat Canoski, Halkbank Skopje Chief Executive Officer Bilal Sucubaşı.

Cerrah told reporters that thanks to the cooperation with FON University, they had purchased a campus where they would provide education to about 1,000 students from elementary to high school.

Reminding that TMF started its activities in the Balkans in North Macedonia after Kosovo, Cerrah said, "I hope that we will continue these training activities that we have carried out here, now, in a much stronger and much more decent environment." 

Noting that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has drawn a horizon for them, Cerrah said that one of the most important pillars of this horizon was the Balkans and that President Erdogan specifically mentioned the city of Skopje.

FON University owner Canoski said they agreed to sell 10,000 square meters after several months of negotiations. 

TMF provides preschool, elementary and high school education in the country, Canoski said, adding that universities and Maarif Schools would form a whole in the Skopje region. 

Expressing his belief that there would be an excellent cooperation between the two institutions, Canoski said, "North Macedonia is gaining a better-quality primary and high school. This is an added value for our country. Such institutions are professional. They work for the quality and control of children at the preschool, elementary and high school levels. So North Macedonia is gaining a lot.” 

Founded in 2003 as the European University of Macedonia, it has been operating as FON University since 2006.



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