Turkish Maarif Foundation Delegation is in Japan for Business Visit


The delegation in the leadership of Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF) Member of Board of Trustees Assoc. Prof. Cahit Bağcı paid a business visit to Japan. The delegation paying many visits in order to tell the activities of Turkish Maarif Foundation and to negotiate their cooperation gave information about the activities being carried out in 33 countries.

The delegation which negotiated with many institutions, particularly Turkish Embassy in Tokyo, Ministry of Education of Japan, Governorate of Tokyo and Foreign Languages University, exchanged views with the authorities on the educational activities and cooperation to carry out in Japan. The delegation visiting Turkish-Japanese Culture, Assistance and Solidarity Association which was founded by the attempts of Turks living in Nagoya densely populated by our citizens, heard the demands to improve Turkish of our children living in Japan and to strengthen their bonds with Turkish culture. Turkish Maarif Foundation negotiated with Nagoya and Inazawa Municipalities in this sense and exchanged views on the activities to carry out for mother language learning of foreign students and developing their local cultures.


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