Turkish Maarif Foundation contributes greatly to Turkish education in the World


Turkish Maarif Foundation, which carries out educational activities under the motto "Valuing Turkish" around the World, has launched its third project in this context. 

Following the preparation of the Turkish Teaching as a Foreign Language Program and the approval of the curriculum by the Turkish Board of Education, the Turkish Book Sets project has been launched. In addition to the textbooks that are planned to be completed this year, interactive reading books suitable for formal education levels (K12) are planned to be prepared. 

It is expected that the studies initiated for the preparation of different types of reading books, which are structured on a curriculum basis according to the age and language levels of the students, will meet an important need in the teaching of Turkish as a foreign language. The project, which will be carried out by expert editors and writers in the field, aims to support the language development of students, enrich the vocabulary, gain familiarity with Turkish and increase their interest in Turkish culture.


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