Turkish Maarif Foundation and Pakistan



Under the presidency of Turkish Maarif Foundation President Prof. Dr. Birol Akgun, a board visited the schools in Pakistan which were transferred to the Turkish Maarif Foundation and took part in a series of meetings while in the country.

In the visit which lasted a week in Pakistan, a board made up of names such as the President Prof. Dr. Birol Akgun, Board of Directors Member Mustafa Çaltili and Head of Departments investigated the schools which were transferred onsite in the capital, Islamabad. 
Shortly after the Turkish Maarif Foundation board and Turkey’s Islamabad Ambassador Ihsan Mustafa Yurdakul, a large number of students parents and participants attended the award ceremony of the Inter School Mathematics Olympiad” (ISMO).

In the speech Turkish Maarif Foundation President Akgun made, he signaled to the transferal of the Pak-Turk schools to the Turkish Maarif Foundation to be symptomatic of the strong ties between the two countries, “We are here today for your children. As Turkish Maarif Foundation we do not have any clear or hidden agenda in relation to your children other than education. Our only aim is to present high quality education and a transparent administration.”

Akgun who mentioned that they have over 30 thousand students, also expressed that at the end of 2019, the number of countries they provide their services to would reach 50, and that Turkish Maarif Foundation would become and international educational brand. 

In the period that the schools were transferred in Pakistan, he refreshed promises of pay rises for teachers and scholarships for students. Ambassador Yurdakul also emphasized Turkey-Pakistan relations in his speech.

After the speeches received rankings in the Olympiads which students from 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th year took part in from Maarif Schools, other public and private schools within the country were given their awards.

In the Olympiads which more than 13 thousand students from over 600 schools nation-wide participated in the national champion of the 8th grade was named “Pakistan’s Harizmi” while the other 4 students who were placed in the competition were gifted summer schools in Istanbul, with all costs covered by Turkish Maarif Foundation.

After the ceremony, a meeting with executives and teachers employed in Islamabad was conducted with Prof. Dr. Akgun answering their questions.

Shortly thereafter the President of the ECO Science Foundation, Prof. Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro was visited.

After the visit it was agreed upon that Turkish Maarif Foundation and the ECO Science Foundation could collaborate on projects.

The board which visited Pakistan’s Minister of Justice, Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem, gave him information regarding the work undertaken by Turkish Maarif Foundation.

In the visit, Foundation President Prof. Dr. Akgun indicated that Turkey and Turkish Maarif Foundation was appreciative of the high court’s decision and that they would fulfill the commitments made to the authorities.

Prof. Dr. Akgun who explained the educational philosophy of the Foundation stated, “Turkish Maarif Foundation will do good things in Pakistan and develop new projects. This will provide opportunities for both countries. We will work in collaboration with the Pakistani authorities at all stages.”

Akgun mentioned that education is the best path to development and good relationships while adding that they formed an educational department with a wide scope and were ready for all sorts of collaborations. He also summarized FETO’s treacherous 15 July coup attempt.

Minister of Justice, Dr. Naseem explained that they expected Turkish Maarif Foundation to open schools across the country in areas where there is need such as science, technology, engineering and medicine, and added that due to the schools, the two countries would come closer culturally.

Minister Naseem pointed out that Pakistan is in need of Turkey’s help in the field of education and that they place high significance upon the experience of Maarif Foundation and Turkey as well as underlining that the Pakistani people will not let this be unreciprocated.

Thereafter the board moved to Lahore and met with the students and teachers while visiting the schools in that region. In the consultation meeting with teachers and administrators, Foundation President Prof. Dr. Akgun gave information about the foundation’s activities and answered the teacher’s questions. After the program in Lahore the board travelled back to Islamabad and participated in the Girls’ High School graduation ceremony. 

The ceremony, in which 114 students graduated, was attended by Turkish Maarif Foundation President Prof. Dr. Birol Akgun and also Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) President Serdar Çam gave a speech during the ceremony. 


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