Turkish Maarif Foundation added a new one to its Maarif Schools


Turkish Maarif Foundation inaugurated a Maarif School in preschool level with the ceremony held on October 7, Saturday. A delegation led by Foreign Minister of Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe Urbino Botelho, officials from the ministries of Education and Health and Turkish Maarif Foundation Board Member Dr. Hasan Yavuz participated in the opening ceremony. Foreign Botelho gave a speech in the ceremony which was started with our national anthem and said he had no doubt that Maarif Preschool would be the first step for the development of the relationship between Turkey and Sao Tome  and also it would contribute to the friendship and brotherhood between two countries. Botelho expressed that they were anticipating the opening of new Maarif Schools in primary and secondary school levels and thanked the delegation led by Dr. Hasan Yavuz for their participation.

Turkish Maarif Foundation Board Member Dr. Hasan Yavuz said that Maarif Preschool would represent the friendship and brotherhood of Turkey in Sao Tome, and children from Sao Tome and Principe would make a great effort for raising good generations for their county and for the humanity. Dr. Yavuz exclusively thanked Prime Minister Trovoada and wished that Maarif Preschool would be auspicious for both countries.

After the speeches, the ceremony was ended with the song composed for Turkish Maarif Foundation by the singers from Sao Tome and Principe.


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