Tunisian Maarif Schools gathered at the iftar dinner



An iftar program was held in the high school building of the International Maarif Schools of Tunisia, which are operating in the country since 2017. Among the participants were Türkiye’s ambassador to Tunisia, Çağlar Fahri Çakıralp, Venezuelan ambassador Carlos Feo Acevedo, Cuban ambassador Mariem Martinez, Nigerian consul Temitope Pelumi, Pakistani Embassy representative Fatma Hcine, Turkish Maarif Foundation board of trustees member, Selim Cerrah and representatives of Turkish institutions and organizations.

Saying that they are hosting iftar meals after the epidemic, Selim Cerrah added “On this occasion, we come together with our parents, families, citizens from Turkey, our employees and representatives of Turkish institutions in different countries, so that we can share a bread, a hope and a prayer at the same table. We hope - and it is our prayer – that as a result of this climate, which is conducive to mercy and compassion, both peace, justice and mercy will spread to humanity and our tables will be blessed.”

Recalling that the Turkish Maarif Foundation is carrying out activities in 50 countries, Cerrah said : “We work to serve our people through education in many parts of the World.  We work to raise virtuous generations. For we believe that virtuous people will save the World.  We aim to form generations who are loyal to their countries and will build bridges between countries for the spread of goodness."

Ali Arıkmert, Tunisia Country Representative of the TMF, stated that they provide education in two school buildings in Tunisia and that they try to support the integration of students, teachers, parents and representatives of the Foundation’s representative office with the iftar program they organize every year in Ramadan.

International Maarif Schools of Tunisia are providing education at primary, secondary and high school levels.


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