Tunisia Maarif Schools meet on Traditional Attire Day


The Maarif Schools, which operate in the capital of the North African country of Tunisia, hosted a Traditional Attire Day event, where 15 countries were represented. The event, which took place in the school yard, was attended by students and parents, who were dressed in their respective countries’ traditional attire and shared their national dishes with the guests.

Türkiye, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Indonesia, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria and Cuba were represented at the event, where the guests found an opportunity to appreciate the various delicacies and souvenirs from many countries.

Speaking at the event, the International Maarif School’s headmaster, Hilmi Dönmez, recalled that they celebrate the Traditional Attire Day annually.
Welcoming the high number of countries represented at the event, Dönmez made the following remarks: “The Traditional Attire Day celebration, one of our school’s indispensable events, represents an opportunity for us to bond with our students, teachers and parents, and to learn about new cultures.”
The deputy headmaster, Rahma al-Hashmi, stressed that they made an effort to host the Traditional Attire Day event on an annual basis to celebrate cultural diversity and get to know different cultures.

The International Maarif Schools, which have been operating in Tunisia since 2017, provide education at the primary school, middle school and high school levels.


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