‘There is a Great Deal of Demand to Maarif Schools’


Mauritania Ambassador in Ankara Muhammed Ahmed Lehwirthi evaluated the relations continuing to strengthen between two countries before the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit to Mauritania.

Lehwirthi emphasized that Turkey and Mauritania are two countries with mutual values and he said that “We have a brotherhood relation with Turkey, more than friendship. Our relations with Turkey are strong in all conditions.”

Remarking that the visit of Erdoğan is extremely important for both countries, Lehwirthi stated that this visit is an opportunity to step up the bilateral relations.

Lehwirthi also said about the Turkey’s role in Mauritania and in Africa generally that:

“Because of its role during Ottoman period and now, Turkey is close to the hearts of all Muslims. Istanbul had been the capital of the İslamic countries for 600 years. Today, Turkey is in the process of development economically and politically. This is a source of pride for Islamic countries for sure. The stand of Turkey is important for Muslim communities.”

‘We want to connect Mauritania and Turkey by Sea’

Underlying that diplomatic and trade relations between Turkey and Maritania accelerated in a short time, Ambassador Lehwirthi mentioned that 12 cooperation agreements were signed between two countries in this process in many fields such as the health, security and construction.

Lehwirthi stated that they aim to increase the trade volume between two countries in the next process and evaluated that “As our proverb says, the trade strengthen the brotherhood between two countries.”

The ambassador stated that they are going to do their best within this framework and said that “We want to connect Mauritania and Turkey by sea directly. In this way, exported goods from Turkey to Mauritania can reach the country more rapidly and with lowered costs.”

‘There is a Great Deal of Demand to Maarif Schools’

Lehwirthi reminded that FETO-affiliated schools in their country have been transferred to Turkey Maarif Foundation and he said that “These are very qualified schools. There is a great of demand to Maarif Schools. Many students want to be educated in these schools.”

The ambassador said that there are 200 Mauritanian students being educated in Turkey and also said that “These students will be the real ambassadors, because these students live in Turkey, they learn Turkish language and culture on-site.”

Lehwirthi also stated that many Mauritanian soldiers receive education in Turkey.



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