Tanzanian Minister of Education attended the Maarif Iftar in Zanzibar


The iftar program, organized by the Student Council of Maarif Schools in Zanzibar was attended by the Tanzanian Minister of National Education Simai Mohammed Said, Turkey’s Ambassador to Dar Es-Salaam Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu, Turkish Maarif Foundation Tanzania Representative Oğuz Hamza Yilmaz, SOS Children's Villages officials, teachers and students. 

The Minister of National Education Said expressed his satisfaction with the contributions of Turkish Maarif Foundation to the education of Zanzibar and reiterated his support for the activities of the Foundation. 

Ambassador Dr. Güllüoğlu and TMF Representative Yilmaz, who have recently started their duties, thanked the guest for their attendance. 

Taken over in January 2020, Maarif Schools count 1600 students and are among the most popular schools of the region in Zanzibar thanks to its successes in national exams.


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