​​​​​​​Success from Maarif Students at the 2020 National Olympics in Albania


Albanian Maarif New York High School students set a record on the first stage of the Albanian 2020 National Olympics. 125 students from Tirana Maarif Schools, where 192 students are enrolled in total, got the right to compete for the second stage of the Olympics. Taking place on different dates in the branches of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Literature, History and Computer Science, the Olympics are considered as an indicator of success for high schools in the country.

According to the results of the second stage for the Physics and Chemistry Olympics, Maarif students Klea Hasa, Lucy Skifteri, Lorena Lera, Arlind Kasemi and Joel Fushekati won the opportunity to participate in the finals. High success is expected in all branches of the Olympics.



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