Second Consultation Meeting of Turkish Maarif Foundation with Universities


Organized by Turkish Maarif Foundation, the "2nd Consultation Meeting on Cooperation with Universities" was held online with the participation of 73 universities.

Before the meeting starts, a presentation was made by TMF Board of Directors Member Mustafa Çaltılı, with the aim to increase the quality of existing cooperations and focus on more efficient results within the scope of the protocols signed with universities.

Delivering the opening speech afterwards, TMF President Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün explained that the Foundation was carrying out activities in the fields of education, publication, educational support, scholarships, and housing.

“We plan to open schools in around 50 countries by the end of the year. As a public foundation, we carry out all our activities in close cooperation with the relevant units and institutions of our state. We organize our activities through our Ministry of National Education and mostly through our Ministry of Foreign Affairs in terms of day-to-day work. As Turkish Maarif Foundation, we aim to raise the quality standards of the activities we are currently carrying on 4 bases within the framework of the new 2020-2023 strategic plan. These are the ones that are going to improve corporate culture and quality, to ensure financial competence, to strengthen human resources and to develop an international brand in education. In summary, the final goal is extremely important and to a certain extent, this point has been reached. We must say that we have become an institution in the top 5 in terms of education network worldwide compared to German, French and British organizations that operate similarly to us,” Akgün expressed, highlighting they were managing 342 schools, 1 university and 14 education centers in 44 countries. 

Then a presentation was made by Hamza Özdemir, Head of Maarif Agency, regarding the problems and proposals discussed at the 1st Consultation Meeting. 

During the consultation session on the cooperation activities, moderated by President Akgün, opinions and suggestions of universities regarding the cooperation activities developed with Turkish Maarif Foundation in Turkey and abroad were expressed.


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