November 24 Teachers' Day Celebrated worldwide in Maarif Schools


November 24 Teachers' Day was celebrated all over the World with various activities in Turkish Maarif Foundation schools.

The Foundation gathered and shared the videos for Teachers’ Day shot by the students in different languages, including various surprises.

Turkish Maarif Foundation President Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün met with the teachers of the Foundation working all around the World by videoconferencing on November 24th, confirming their number of 5,000 and wished them a Happy Teachers’ Day.

Teachers' Day in Somalia Maarif Schools

The teachers of Banadir and KM4 schools came together on November 24th at a program organized by Turkish Maarif Foundation Somalia Representative Office. During the event, teachers shared their feelings and thoughts, read poems and sang songs altogether. After presenting gifts to the teachers, the program ended with a dinner.

Teachers' Day in Chad

The Teachers' Day was also celebrated at Chad Maarif Schools. With the participation of Prof. Dr. Akgün, an online "Teachers Meeting Program" took place. The teachers working in Maarif Schools were congratulated and various gifts were offered.

Surprise for Teachers from Australian Maarif Schools

Students at Maarif Schools in Australia surprised their teachers on Teachers' Day. Some students welcomed their teachers with gifts.

In other countries, November 24th Teachers' Day was also celebrated with various events.


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