Maarif Science Fair in Albania



Turkish Maarif Foundation Albania Representation Office organized “Maarif Science Fair” in the Albanian capital, Tirana. Rector of University of Tirana Professor Erkan Erdemir, Maarif Foundation’s Department Head of Europe and the Balkans Kemal Bulut, the General Director of Turkish Maarif Foundation in Albania, Mesut Özbaysar, the Executive Director at New York Schools Tirana, Mehmet Işıker, school headmasters, representatives of different institutions and organizations, high school students and their families attended the fair. Chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics projects of students attending Maarif and local high schools in Albania were exhibited.

Professor Erdemir wished success for the students participating in the fair.

Işıker stated in his speech that, as Maarif schools, they aim to provide good quality education in the world and raise students who exercise their knowledge for the good of humanity. “We know that every student in New York schools is a unique individual with special talents. We believe that every child can discover their personal abilities with encouragement, hard work and motivation,” he said.

Biology teacher, who led the organization of the fair, Dr. Marsilda Memaj emphasized that the idea of organizing a fair came out of the great love for science. She said, “Our devoted students have implemented more than 40 projects in four fields: chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics. Let’s continue this tradition and make every scientific dream come true.”

Lidra Meidani, Principal of New York High School affiliated with Turkish Maarif foundation, underlining that students who work hard achieve high results and success, addressed the students: “Do your best every day, look at the results you achieve honestly. Success in your education and career will be with you.” 

Tahir Zenelhasani, one of the principals of local schools participating in the fair, said, “I hope that this is not just the beginning and I hope that this very valuable contribution to our society will continue to strengthen and bear fruit in the future.”


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