Maarif Forest Is Growing in Iraq


Listed among the leading schools of Iraq, Erbil International Maarif Schools planted 300 saplings in the city with the slogan "A Greener Erbil, a Greener World". 

Turkey's Consul General in Erbil Hakan Karaçay, IKRG Minister for Ethnic and Religious Formations and Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITC) Executive Board Member Aydin Maruf, IKRG Foreign Affairs Department Turkey Desk Officer Dr. Abdusselam Stuni, ITC Erbil MP Imdat Bilal, Erbil Governor Ümit Hoşnav, Turkish Maarif Foundation Iraq Representative Ahmet Zeki Olaş, Turkish Red Crescent Iraqi Delegation President Yunus Yazici, Maarif Schools officials, teachers and students with their parents attended the event. 

Consul General Karaçay declared after the event that 300 saplings had been planted as a continuation of the reforestation activity organized two years ago with Maarif Schools with the slogan "A Greener Erbil, a Greener World". 

Reminding that 500 trees were planted in the previous reforestation activity, Karaçay said, "I hope that the children who started their education in this school will grow, develop, strengthen and be enterprising individuals for their communities and their country like the saplings planted today." 

Ahmet Zeki Olaş, Iraqi Representative of Turkish Maarif Foundation, specified that Erbil International Maarif Schools started its activities in 2018. They continued the reforestation activity with 300 saplings planted on that day and worked on a 13,000 square meters land in front of the school. 

After the plantation, the authorities toured the art exhibition prepared by the teachers and students of Maarif Schools.


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