Graduation Excitement in Chad Maarif Schools


There were the joy of graduating the first students in Chad Maarif Schools which were transferred to Turkish Maarif Foundation by the protocol signed with the Chad Government on December 27, 2017 and educating 465 students.

The graduation ceremony which was organized in Encemine Congress Center was held with the participation of Chad National Education Minister Aboubakar Assidick Tchoroma, Turkish Maarif Foundation Board Member Ambassador Dr. Hasan Yavuz, Turkey’s Ambassador in Encemine, Turkish Maarif Foundation Regional Coordinator for Africa Tuncay Çilesiz, Chad Minister of Foreign Affairs special representative, Chad Assembly Turkey Friendship Group MPs, President of Encemine University and the 1000 guests.

Turkish Maarif Foundation Board Member Ambassador Dr. Hasan Yavuz referred to the statement “Your children are our children” said by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in his visit to Chad; and he stated that Turkish Maarif Foundation aims to provide service to Chad people as is the case with the other parts of the world and he see that this aim has started to be achieved by the first graduation ceremony.

Chad National Education Minister Aboubakar Assidick Tchoroma stated that Maarif Schools succeeded significant things in Chad in a very short time, its educational quality increases day by day and Chadian students graduated from these schools will construct the future of the country and he thanked the authorities of Maarif Foundation.

35 graduates were presented with their diplomas and presents in the ceremony which attracted a great deal of attention of the participants.


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