Exhibition of drawings by a student from Maarif Schools in Sudan


Maarif Schools, which have been providing quality education in the capital of Khartoum since 2017 and which stand out for their ranking (first place) in national exams in the country, are now being talked about thanks to the artistic works of their students.

The drawings by Selma Zeyd eş-Şerefi, a Yemeni student at the Turkish Maarif Foundation Schools of Turkey in Sudan, were exhibited in the capital of Khartoum in Sudan.

The Turkish Ambassador in Khartoum, İrfan Neziroğlu, the Foundation’s representative in Sudan, Muhammed Emin Şimşek, Yemen’s cultural attaché in Khartoum, Ahemt er-Rabiyi, as well as Turkish, Yemeni and Sudanese citizens participated in the exhibition.  Ambassador Neziroğlu expressed their satisfaction about the yemeni student opening a painting exhibition in Khartoum.

Scientists, sociologists and artists of the future are trained in Maarif

Neziroğlu said that the Maarif Schools do not only train engineers, doctors or sociologists, but also artists.  He recalled that the Maarif Schools are among the most popular in Khartoum and added : “We will support Selma so that she can continue her studies in Turkey.  I hope that in a few years we can open a bigger exhibition in Khartoum”.

The representative of the FMT in Sudan, Şimşek, declared : “We support social, cultural and artistic activities in addition to academic success in our Maarif Schools of Sudan.” Şimşek underlined their objective of revealing the basic skills of pupils who are interested in art : “We have matured the idea of opening an exhibition together with our pupil for some time.  Today we are happy to have been able to achieve this.”

Selma Eş-Şerefi, meanwhile, expressed her satisfaction with the opportunity given to her.  She said that she conveys her ideas through the drawings and that her classmates were very interested when she showed them her works, and the idea of opening an exhibition became clear in this way. 

Yemen’s cultural attaché in Khartoum, Rabiyi, expressed his satisfaction with the opening of such an exhibition. 

The Maarif Schools of Sudan started their activities in Khartoum in 2017. The Maarif Schools have achieved success in several areas in 5 years (academic, social, cultural,…).  They are currently continuing their activities with 6 schools in the regions of Khartoum and Nyala.


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