Excitement of the new academic year at UNYT


Showing activity in Albania’s capital, New York Tirana University, which works with Turkish Maarif Foundation, held an opening ceremony for 2019-2020 academic year. 

Turkey's Ambassador to Tirana Murat Ahmet Yörük attended the ceremony, along with representatives of Turkish institutions in the country, academicians, students and their families.

In his speech, Yörük declared that a year after the visit of Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, they were pursuing their works with the same rhythm and enthusiasm.

Noting that UNYT is a very hospitable and friendly university, Yörük said the university will be the best and most successful university not only in Tirana and Albania but also in the region. 

Specifying that the increase of the number of students in educational institutions belonging to the Foundation is tangible proof of the confidence hold by Albanian friends of Turkey to the Foundation's management, Yörük added, “the opening of new departments and research centers at the university will increase more the quality of education”.

“Let’s walk hand in hand together on this road and make this university as a bridge of science, education and culture between Albanian and Turkish youth”, said Yörük. 

Turkish Maarif Foundation Board of Directors Member Assoc. Dr. Cihad Demirli reminded that the Foundation started its activities in Tirana in January 2017 in order to contribute to the development of close social, cultural, commercial and economic relations between the two countries as well as the relations in the field of education.

Demirli, who stated that the foundation was continuing its activities with 315 educational institutions in 41 different countries, confirmed, “New York Tirana University, which operates within the framework of our foundation, has opened its doors with its international and local faculty members applying its undergraduate and graduate programs in order to focus on a successful education.”

It has opened Albania's doors to the World

Deputy Mayor of Tirana Andi Seferi stated that the education of the new generation was a very important and sensitive task and that UNYT was handling it well.

As a part of the great Maarif family, Seferi expressed, “I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the Municipality of Tirana for the contribution it has made to the education of the new generation. Tirana Municipality's doors are always open to students of New York Tirana University.”

Rector of UNYT Prof. Dr. İsmail Kocayusufoğlu emphasized that the university was an international university in terms of cooperation with many high-level universities and said, “Our university has opened the doors of Albania to the world”.



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