Education Started in the Schools of Maarif Foundation in Kosovo


New educational term has started after an opening ceremony, in International Kosovo Maarif Schools in Pristine and Prizren, established with the unique qualified programs and unique equipment of Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF).

Deputy Minister of National Education Orhan Erdem, Artvin MP İsrafil Kışla, Pristine Ambassador Kıvılcım Kılıç, Turkish Maarif Foundation Chairman Prof. Birol Akgün, TMF Members of Board of Trustees Prof. Ahmet Emre Bilgili and Selim Cerrah, Board of Directors Member Yunus Torpil, TMF Balkans Coordinator Salih Sağır, TMF Kosovo Director Mesut Özbaysar, Pristine Maarif Schools Manager Necdet Balkı, Prizren Maarif Schools Manager Ali Sedat Aslan, leading administrators of the country, representatives of institutions and foundations, families and other guests were participated in the opening ceremony which were held in International Kosovo Maarif Schools.

Deputy Minister of National Education Orhan Erdem congratulated the schools administration and students in his speech and wished a successful educational year for students. He stated that he strongly believe that TMF schools would provide a qualified educational service in Kosovo and students who were educated in these schools were going to be successful people in future. He said, “There are love, respect and affection of 80 million Turkish citizens behind the TMF schools. There are only two Turkish schools in Kosovo. These schools use Turkish flag on behalf of Turkish Maarif Foundation and they can say that they are Turkish Schools, they have Turkish Republic behind them and they are educational institutions under the rules of Kosovo Ministry of Education. Only Turkish Maarif Foundation has the authority in this field.”

Pristine Ambassador Kıvılcım Kılıç stated that it was an exciting day and it includes happiness, hope and excite like all new beginnings. She maintained that Turkish Maarif Foundation representatives succeeded to start the educational term with a great determination and excite and she said, “Turkey is always going to be with Kosovo, as its friend country, and with people living in this country in every area and in every sense.”

Turkish Maarif Foundation Chairman Prof. Birol Akgün stated in his speech that the gleam in the eyes of the Kosovar students was a reflection of the strong, democratic and stable future of Kosovo. Having emphasized that Turkey got strong by investing in the people for 15 years and came to these days, Akgün stated that Kosovo too should invest in people and human power. He said, “Our aim is to teach our students modern science and technology thoroughly, basing upon the modern scientific progresses and universal values. The future of Kosovo is promising and the most important factor to form this future is people”. He also stated that Turkish Maarif Foundation had representative agencies in 33 countries, they did not have any political or ideological agenda and they would maintain their activities having respect to the laws and regulations of Kosovo.

TMF Schools Pristine Manager Necdet Balkı stated that their aim is to improve academic success and people in every aspect. He also said that they made a great effort in order to improve teaching staff and learning skills of each student.

TMF Schools Prizren Manager Ali Sedat Aslan mentioned that there was a historic excite in the opening of the school. Having stated that Prizren community witnessed the level, determination and endeavor took them to, Aslan said, “If we can raise them as leaders, artists and scientists for the future of Kosovo, it will be our biggest work.”


Prizren Maarif Schools, which started education after the ceremony, is going to provide educational services from 1st to 9th classes in the international standards with its powerful training staff who passed the pre-selection and were interviewed after passing the written exam among the applicants over 500. Every classroom in the school having the capacity of 400 students has technologic equipment and infrastructure. There are music and arts workshops for the creative studies, two laboratories for the talent studies, language laboratories for the Turkish and English language studies, mind games and chess classrooms, computer laboratories for the informatics, coding and robotic studies and a library for students to benefit from the rich resources.

International Kosovo Maarif Schools are going to provide special programs for students in order to gain international qualifications along with the official curriculum in Kosovo. Besides various courses, student surveying works, academic, social, cultural, arts and sports activities; a nurse will take care of health problems of the students, a pedagogue is going to serve for the execution of the educational programs and the school psychologist is going to provide counseling service.



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