April 23 Children's Day Celebrations in Maarif Schools of 44 countries


The 101st Anniversary of the inauguration of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the National Sovereignty and Children's Day of April 23 were celebrated with various events in Maarif Schools around the World.

In some countries, children celebrated April 23rd from home due to COVID-19, while in other countries, various activities were organized at schools under social distancing rules. The different programs were the scene of entertaining images.

Message from Maarif Students

Students from Maarif Schools of 44 different countries in the World shared a video they prepared with the following message:

"April 23rd is a symbol of independence, love, peace and friendship spreading from Ankara to the earth,
April 23rd is the holiday of children all over the World, regardless of color, language, culture, faith, richness or poorness,
April 23rd is the only day when children are brothers and sisters,
April 23rd is a harbinger of still mornings, sunny days, bright tomorrows,
April 23rd is one of the most beautiful gifts given to children.
Happy April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day!"


On April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day in Maarif Schools of Prizren and Pristina, many universal values such as joy, happiness, love and trust were written on the wings of birds of peace to reach all children in the World.


April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at Korofina Maarif Campus in Mali. After the recitation of Turkish and Malian National Anthems, the opening speech was delivered. Song and dances performed by Maarif Students added color to the ceremony. At the end of the day, students received their gifts from the games they played.

North Macedonia

A Children’s Festival was organized on April 23 Children's Day in Maarif Schools of North Macedonia for kindergarten and primary students.

During the celebration, students competed in traditional games (tug-of-war, capture the flag, egg-and-spoon race, sack race) and had fun with their friends. After the competitions where no one loosed, students tied cards with messages of peace and love they had prepared earlier in the schoolyard to their balloons. The balloons were then released into the sky with great enthusiasm. Moreover, students had lots of fun, flying their kites.

Finally, treats were offered to students during the cinema session.


A ceremony was held at Maarif Schools in Australia for Children's Day on April 23. During the program, speeches explaining the importance of the day were held. Students participated then in the April 23 Poetry Competition and read the poems they had memorized. The winners were determined by a jury of four persons. Awards were given to three students. A magician's show also took place. And at the end of the day, all students were offered gifts in souvenir.

Equatorial Guinea

In Equatorial Guinean Maarif Schools, where distance education continues, children celebrated April 23 Children's Day from home with the support of their teachers. The materials prepared by the teachers were transmitted to the students. The students then gathered online and presented their shows. In addition, April 23 Children's Day Charcoal Drawing Competition took place online. Students who completed their drawings were invited to school and their drawings were posted on the school board. The school also presented a short film explaining the meaning of the day. Subsequently, activities among the students were broadcasted online.


April 23 was celebrated with various events at the Iraqi Maarif Schools. A small concert was held at Maarif Schools of Erbil in cooperation with the Music Department and the Turkish Department of the school. The theater prepared by the students was played then. During the program, speeches were also given on the importance and meaning of the day. At the end, roses and gifts were offered to students. At least but not least, those who studied remotely celebrated April 23 by videotaping and sharing their activities from home.

Democratic Congo

Due to the epidemic measures in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it was unable to carry out the planned celebratory events. However, Maarif Schools were decorated with the flags of the two countries in order to show that April 23 is the holiday of the children all around the World. Teachers met with their students via video conference and sang songs on April 23, explaining the importance of the National Sovereignty and Children's Day.


April 23 celebrations were held at primary and kindergarten schools affiliated with the Turkish Maarif Foundation in Guinea. During the celebrations, poems were read, and dances were performed. Teachers and parents accompanied the students on this beautiful day. Maarif Schools students then attended the event prepared within the Conakry Embassy. Students read poems and presented flowers to the Turkish Ambassador Volkan Türk Vural. As a tradition on this day, seniors invited juniors to occupy their seat for the day.


April 23 events were held at the kindergarten supported by the Turkish Maarif Foundation in Belarus. After the program organized at school, students visited the Turkish Embassy in Minsk.


Various events were held at the Primary School of International Maarif Schools in Nouakchott, Mauritania to mark the National Sovereignty and Children's Day on April 23. Traditional children's games such as tug-of-war, sack race and egg-and-spoon race were played in the schoolyard. After the enthusiastic program, the students whose happiness was readable in their eyes were photographed in front of the April 23 Souvenir Panel.

In Maarif Schools of other countries, students were informed on the meaning and importance of that day through various activities organized for April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day.



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