Turkish Maarif Foundation was established on June 17, 2016 with the adoption of law numbered 6721 by Turkish Grand National Assembly with the aim of providing formal and non-formal educational services abroad based on the common knowledge and values of the humanity. For this purpose, to provide scholarships at all levels of education from pre-school to higher education, to establish facilities such as schools and dormitories, to train instructors who can work in these institutions including domestic, to conduct scientific research and research-development studies, to make publications, to develop methods and conducting other educational activities in line with the legislation of the country in which it operates and constitutes the main activities of the Foundation.

In this context, while Turkish Maarif Foundation conducts an important public diplomacy role by raising a Turkey-friendly youth by means of the high quality educational activities it serves abroad, it also serves the "Millenium Development Goals" announced by the United Nations by contributing to training of qualified manpower needed by the countries in question.

Within this framework, our Foundation has completed the physical, social and legal infrastructure needed in the institutionalization process within a short period of three years since its establishment. Simultaneously with the infrastructure works; Maarif established official contacts with 99 countries with the co-operation of our Country, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; it appointed delegates to 55 countries, taken over 217 FETO-affiliated schools in 18 countries, established 74 new schools in 16 countries, currently providing educational services to approximately 30.000 students with 291 schools and 41 dormitories in 34 countries. Within this framework, our Foundation has completed the physical, social and legal infrastructure needed in the institutionalization process within a short period of three years since its establishment. Therefore, Turkish Maarif Foundation has become a global educational institution.

In the first three years, Turkish Maarif Foundation has conducted institutionalization activities in accordance with its 2017-2019 Strategic Plan. In the Strategic Plan of 2020-2023, priority is given to strategies that prioritize quality in education, human resources and financial management and aim to increase the global brand value of the Foundation.

Turkish Maarif Foundation which conducts educational activities all around the world with 327 school administrators and teachers appointed from Turkey to abroad and 4834 local instructors and support personnel, provides successful education services from modern science to social sciences, information technologies, national culture and values, foreign language education including Turkish and local language, science, culture, art and literature.

Our foundation especially attaches special importance to Turkish language education and aims to teach Turkish language in every single grade, eventually upgrading the Turkish language level of every student to B2 level before their graduation. For this purpose, as a result of one year of intensive work, the curriculum of teaching Turkish to foreigners in formal education has been completed and book writing process is continuing.

Our foundation is crowned with the achievements of the schools in education, achievements in national and international examinations, artistic and sporting organizations, olympics and project areas and increases the education and training quality of the countries where it is located. Some of these achievements are listed below.

- Yogo Anifatou Daniella, a student of the Maarif International Schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo, achieved first place in Examen d ’Etat, the high school graduation exam in the country.

- The Afghan-Turkish Maarif Foundation Schools took the first place in the Concoure Exam which included 127,899 students who passed the university entrance exam in Afghanistan, and 4 students took the first hundred and 28 students took part in the first 1000 students.

- In the National Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and history Olympiad held in Albania, Art Fest Tirana Documentary Competition and Tirana Modern Dance Competition, four students from the Albanian Maarif schools won first place, two students won second place and four students won third place.

- In the Pro Jiu-Jitsu Competition held in Croatia, Ibrahim Amar of the 11th grader from Sarajevo Maarif Schools won gold in  73 kilograms and Ishak Banovic in 11th grade won a silver medal in 66 kilograms.

- The exhibition, which was attended by 200 students in art workshops opened in Sarajevo Maarif Schools, was the focus of interest of the country after the trainings on clothes design, silk painting, wood painting, marbling, wet felt, aluminum foil, paper foil and filography. It was elected as the best school of the year.

- Mamadou Saliou Bah, a 6th grade student of Turkish Maarif Foundation's Ömer Halisdemir Boys School in Guinea, got the first place of Guinea in elementary school entrance examination (Examen De Fın D’études Elémentaires).

- 11 students who study in International Turkey-Mauritania Maarif Educational Institutions ranked within the first 200 students in CONCOURE, the primary school final examination attended by 178.000 students and middle school final exam BREVET and university entrance exam BAC. Thus, in Mauritania, where national success rates are around 9 percent, Education Schools achieved 93 percent success.
- In Sudan, 166.535 students participated in the Elementary School to High School Examination in Khartoum Maarif School for boys Muzan Ashraf, girls Hanan Abdalrahman first, Lima Nidal second, Ala Muhammed was third.

 Radwan Abdalrahman of Khartoum Maarif Schools came first in the High School Diploma Exam for the purpose of transition to university in Sudan, 
Mohanned Abdalkarem, Najat Faisal and Mergan Mahmoud shared fifth place.

- Nadir Ymeri and Almir Durguti, students from Kosovo International Maarif Schools, ranked among 45 students in the Kangaroo Math Olympics held under the responsibility of ATOMI Institute with 4500 students.

- In the "National Kangaroo Linguistic English Competition", which was attended by 40 students from the International Maarif Pristina Schools, a special award was given to Kosovo Maarif School since  39 students were awarded with outstanding success and 3 students were finalists.

- The Maarif Robotics Team of our Tunisian Education Schools students won a special jury award at the "First Lego League Arabia 2019" Robot Tournament organized by the Jubilee Institute Center for Excellence in Education and the Arab Robotics Association in Jordan.

- Djibouti Maarif School was named the best school of the 2018-2019 academic year by the Ministry of National Education of Djibouti.

- José David Briceño da Silva, who graduated by winning the first place in Turkish Maarif Foundation Los Riscos Collece in Venezuela- Caracas, was accepted into Mathematics Department of Simon Bolivar University as a special list student.

- Sikander Ali Bazil, a student from Pakistan Islamabad Pak-Türk Education Schools, won the medal of honor by winning the Worlds Scholar Cup Competition among 4,000 participants. In the same competition, 194 of our students won gold medals and 181 of our students won silver medals.

- Four of our Pak-Türk Maarif Schools won the first place in the Pakistan qualifiers in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) competition organized by Intel. In the US stage of the same competition, our student Sadaf Naushad won the first place and won a scholarship from the University of Arizona.

- Maheen Masoud, our freshman student at the Lahore Pak-Türk Maarif Asifa İrfan Girls Campus, was selected as the world's first in Mathematics at the "O Level Board" exam held in June among all schools which apply Cambridge education systems. (Masoud also won the first place in the Punjab State in Physics.)

- Muhammad Umar, one of the students of Pakistan Pak-Türk Maarif Schools, was entitled to participate in the International Physics Olympics.

- Ashaz Farhaj and Daniyal Adeel, students of Pakistan Pak-Türk Maarif Schools, achieved first and second degrees in the University Entrance Exam (GAT).

- Umme Barira and Maha Khan, our students in Karaci Pak-Türk Maarif Schools, became finalists in TEKNOFEST Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival which organized under the leadership of Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3 Foundation) and T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology, supported by the most important organizations and institutions in Turkey.

- Our Pakistan Pak-Türk Maarif Schools student Muneeba Noor won the first prize in the "Pakistan National Day Article Contest" among 10000 students.

- In Inter Schools Mathematics Olympics (ISMO), which 15.000 students attend all around Pakistan, Harmain Ahmed, one of our students in Lahore Pak-Türk Maarif Schools, won the Lahore first place in 5th graders category and Haris Khan won the Lahore first place in 6th graders category and Sadia Sohail won the Lahore third place in 7th graders category.

In order to make Turkey an educational hub of the world and to internationalize the education, as Turkish Maarif Foundation, we encourage our studens who graduate from our schools all around the world to continue their higher education in Turkey and we provide guidance and consultancy services to Maarif Schools graduates which we brought to Turkey during their university education in our country. Currently 297 students who graduated from International Maarif Schools in 11 countries continue their university education in Turkey.

We also organize cultural trips and Turkish language summer camps to ensure that the students who receive education in the schools of our Foundation gets to know our country and our culture better. The Turkish language summer camp, held in July for two weeks which hosted 170 students from 10 different countries, attracted a considerable interest.



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