Turkish Maarif Foundation Prepares for Playing an Active Role in the Field of Education in Ukraine


The Chairman of the Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF) Professor Birol Akgün said that one month before the war TMF held pre-talks and prepared a road map to buy a building in order to open a Maarif School in capital Kiev, Ukraine. “I am not saying we canceled it, but we have suspended it for now due to the ongoing war. We hope, wish and pray that the war ends as soon as possible.” 

Mr. Chairman said TMF  signed a memorandum of agreement three years ago with the Ukrainian government for opening a Maarif School in Kiev. “The current administration, as well, was willing for us, as the Turkish Maarif Foundation, to open a school in Ukraine. We sent delegations to prepare the infrastructure. We found a suitable building in a good neighborhood in Kiev. We had aimed our school to have the capacity of 500 students. But the latest developments made us to postpone our plans. As soon as the war ends, we would like to play an active role in the development and improvement of Ukraine through education.” 


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