Turkish Maarif Foundation took over FETÖ schools in Oromia region


Turkish Maarif Foundation dealt a further blow to the external structure of FETÖ in the 5th year of the failed 2016 coup and drained one of the organization's additional financial resources.

The member of the board of trustees, Prof. Dr. Cihad Demirli, who visited the school in Alemgena, expressed their happiness at the opening of the school.  Demirli also said they are waiting for all schools in Ethiopia to be transferred to the Foundation by court order, adding that the delays are due to legal proceedings and that all schools will gradually be taken over.

He also highlighted the role of the support of the parents and administrators in the Oromia region for the TMF’s success and added that the schools transferred to the Foundation will begin teaching in september after completing the missing infrastructure.

He recalled that there are 8 schools with different levels of education in Harar and in the Alemgena campus and that the Foundation has put a cultural center at the service of Ethiopians in the country.
In Ethiopia, FETÖ is accused of Money laundering and terrorist financing.
The Foundation's country representative in Ethiopia, meanwhile, reported that schools in Alemgena were taken over after the investigation launched by the federal court and that the decision will set a precedent for other schools.

Şahin said that important results were obtained during the investigation of the company called “Stem”, to which the schools are affiliated and that they are awaiting the court decision to freeze all bank accounts and teaching licenses. of the society.

The Foundation took over the schools in Harar in July 2019.


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