Planting saplings for the July 15 martyrs in Afghanistan


The Afghan-Turk Maarif Schools, the Turkish Embassy in Kabul, various Turkish missions and partner institutions organized a ceremony to plant saplings in the “Martyrs Memorial Forest of July 15”

The program took place in the Karga region with the participation of the Turkish Ambassador in Kabul, Cihad Erginay, Education Advisor Cengiz Aydemir, Home Affairs Advisor, İlker Türkbayrak, TIKA Coordinator in Kabul, Zühtü Çal, FMT Country Representative in Afghanistan, Salih Sağır, Turkish and local officials.

Erginay announced a series of July 15 commemorative activities in Kabul.
He said the planting of 251 trees is the first such upcoming event and added that all Turkish institutions have taken part in the initiative.
Planting activities will continue throughout the year on various occasions on the land allocated by the Reforestation Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and with the participation of students from the Turkish Maarif Foundation.


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