Turkish Maarif Foundation Hosted it’s 3rd Educational Fair in Tunisia


Turkish Maarif Foundation’s educational fair, which took place in Tunisia, brought together Tunisian students and universities from across Turkey.

Ambassador Omer Faruk Dogan, Turkish Maarif Foundation Board of Trustees Member, Assoc. Dr. Cahit Bagci, Turkish Maarif Foundation Borad of Directors Members Yunus Torpil and Hasan Yavuz as well as Hitit Universiy’s Chancellor, Reha Metin Alkan, and Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University Chancellor, Mustafa Cufali attended the launch of the fair which took place in the Cultural City Fair and Convention Center in the capital city of Tunisia.

Tiran New York University which is in Albania and belongs to Turkish Maarif Foundation, Cyprus Science University and other universities from overseas as well as seven private and seven public universities from Turkey came together with Tunisian students, making a total of 16 universities.

Turkey’s Tunisian Ambassador Omer Faruk Dogan explained in his statement that the Maarif Foundation had the honour of organizing the first of this kind of fair in the North African geography at a tertiary education level, “Tunisia and Turkey are two countries with very close cultural, societal and historical values. These fairs are a very good opportunity for the two nations to become closer together and develop cooperation.” 

Turkish Maarif Foundation Board of Trustees Member, Assoc. Dr. Cahit Bagci mentioned that the Tunisian Fair came after other fairs organized in Sudan and Mali, “As a Foundation, we place a great importance on keeping bridges between countries open. We seek to carry our foundation in the area of education to other countries and contribute towards human resources. We believe that this fair will contribute towards cooperation between the two nations.”

It was also communicated that the fair would present Tunisian high school students with the opportunity of getting to know the educational opportunites in Turkey as well as undertaking preregistration.

The fair which hosted 2,500 students and educators on the day of its launch, will continue for two days.


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