Turkish Maarif Foundation has opened its first educational insititution in South Africa


Turkish Maarif Foundation opened its first education investment in South Africa : “The International Maarif Schools of South Africa”.

The opening ceremony of the school in Johannesburg, the country’s largest city, was attended by Turkey’s Ambassador to Pretoria Ayşegül Kandaş, along with Embassy officials, representatives of Turkish institutions and the school’s education staff. In his opening speech, Ambassador Kandaş expressed her pleasure to be at the opening of the Turkish Maarif Foundation’s school and said, “The Maarif Foundation has become Turkey’s gateway to the world in this field, with the aim of becoming the leading brand of the Turkish education system in the world.”

Kandaş stated that the Maarif Foundation, which carries out successful educational activities in a total of 377 schools in 44 countries around the World, will continue its ideal of providing high quality education in accordance with universal standarts in South Africa.

Turkish Maarif Foundation President Prof. Birol Akgün also attended the event via video conference and stated that this education investment will make significant contributions to Turkey-South Africa relations.

Expressing the importance they attach to South Africa as an institution, Akgün noted that they plan to open new schools in the country in the future.

The newly opened education institution will serve 250 South African students at the kindergarten, primary and secondary school levels.


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