Maarif Schools of Ethiopia have started educational activities


In Ethiopia, the country with the largest population in East Africa, hosting the Union of Africa and that has rooted historical, cultural and economic relations with Turkey, the new academic year has started with simultaneous ceremonies in 18 schools of the Turkish Maarif Foundation. Students, teachers and parents showed great interest in the ceremony.

Maarif Schools, which are carrying out educational activities with about 2000 students in Harar, Sebeta and the capital of the country, Addis Ababa, will start education for the first time this year in 5 campuses the TMF has just taken over.

Intensive efforts have been carried out in order to prepare the schools, which were transferred to Turkish Maarif Foundation with the decision of the Courts of Ethiopia in August, for the education process. Schools have been modernized and required technological infrastructure studies have been completed.

Carrying out successful educational activities in 25 African countries, including Ethiopia, Turkish Maarif Foundation has 18 schools consisting of kindergartens, primary schools, junior and senior high schools on 6 campuses in the country.


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