Celebration of World Teachers’ Day in Maarif Schools


October 5th World Teachers' Day was celebrated with various surprises made by students at Maarif Schools, affiliated with Turkish Maarif Foundation and operating all around the world.

The October 5th World Teachers' Day celebration videos, prepared by students of Maarif Schools in different languages and with various gifts, were gathered by Turkish Maarif Foundation.

In Pakistan, students celebrated Teachers' Day by greeting their teachers with flowers and cakes, while students of Australian Maarif Schools arrived before their teachers and made them a surprise by greeting them with flowers at the entrance to the school.

Students who visited their teachers at an in-service training seminar in Kosovo with flowers surprised their teachers, while in Sudan, students got up from their desks and celebrated Teachers' Day by gifting flowers respectively.

In Afghanistan, students sang at a mini concert for their teachers, while students who stood up during classes in Equatorial Guinea and northern Macedonia applauded the teachers. Teachers, touched by the surprises of their students, could not control their tears, and expressed their joy in return.

Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün, President of Turkish Maarif Foundation said in a message issued for the World Teachers’ Day that they were struggling to raise good people with thousands of devoted teachers in 43 countries around the world.

Stating that they were valuing teachers as Turkish Maarif Foundation, Akgün emphasized that the share of teachers is very large in the success of the Foundation in international education over four years.

Expressing that qualified, altruistic and protective teachers were doing their utmost to make the world more livable, Akgün said:

"Our teachers continue to work in our educational institutions around the world in accordance with the mission and vision of our foundation by putting their night into the day to raise successful generations that would benefit to their country and nation. They are heartfelt people who teach the world goodness and beauty, leaders of goodness who raise successful and virtuous generations, cultural ambassadors who are the face of Turkey abroad, and are the most beautiful members of our Maarif family. I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartiest gratitude to our teachers on behalf of myself, my nation and my country, and congratulate them on World Teachers’ Day."


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