Ambassador Mehmet Süreyya Er visited the Maarif Schools of Bishkek


Mehmet Süreyya Er, the Secretary-General of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries (TURKPA) visited the Maarif Educational Complex in Bishkek. Welcomed by the officials of the Maarif Schools of Kyrgyzstan, Er toured the schools, spoke with the students and received information about the school activities.

Mehmet Süreyya Er made a speech to the students and teachers during the program and, in reference to the usage of the word “Turk” in the Orkhon inscriptions, he talked about the brotherhood of Turkic peoples, the common ancestors and the common Turkish culture. Referencing the fact that Turkish history had a kind of early Renaissance by raising thinkers such as Ibn Sina, Al-Farabi and Ali Qushji, Er underlined the fact that civilization, enlightenment and human development occurred in these lands.

Er said, “It is very important for you to learn language at a young age and particularly gain the skill to use your native language. Our Maarif School is offering significant opportunities to you in this regard. It is much easier to continue a successful education life based on building blocks such as the cultural education and the language education received in the family and at school".

Ambassador Er ended his speech with an introduction of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic Speaking Countries, of which he is the current secretary-general, and stated that the organization is one of the 5 main interstate institutions together with the Organization of Turkic States, TÜRKSOY, Turkish Academy and the Turkic Culture and Heritage Foundation operating between the countries of the Turkic World.


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