A new quality Maarif School after the Maarif Schools of Baghdad and Erbil



A new initiative has emerged : it will strenghten the long-standing historical, cultural, commercial and neighborhood relations between Turley and Iraq, this time in the field of education.

The Maarif School in Kirkuk, long awaited by the Turkmen community, has just opened its doors after the Maarif Schools of Erbil and Baghdad, which are among the best schools in the country.

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year has started at the new Maarif School in Kirkuk.

The director of the schools, Asım Asaroğlu, said that they will provide education services from kindergarten to secondary level in Kirkuk after Baghdad and Erbil and are ready to welcome parents and students to help them learn more about the school and the enrollments at the Maarif Schools.

The Turkish Maarif Foundation has 10 schools in 3 campuses, 1200 students in Baghdad and around 800 in Erbil.


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