First Step to Open "International Maarif Schools" in Kirkuk


In Iraq, after Baghdad and Erbil, the first step was taken to open International Maarif Schools in Kirkuk.

Explaining that they discussed with the Kirkuk Governor, Rakan Said, on a cooperation agreement, Demirli confirmed they were planning to open a school in Kirkuk very soon.

Kirkuk Governor Rakan Said noted that schools developing their education system and providing foreign language education were welcomed in Kirkuk.

Schools with international educational standards are an advantage in Kirkuk, Said said, and they would provide all the support and ease needed for Maarif Schools to open.

Turkish Maarif Foundation has 10 schools within 3 campuses in Iraq. There are 1,200 students on two campuses in Baghdad and about 800 in Erbil.


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